Friday, April 29, 2016

One year ago ...

One year ago I was celebrating my birthday in Disneyland with my amazing family and I had just shared a super exciting blog post with you all about a new business venture that i started with my longtime friend and then new business partner, Deanyne.  I talked about re-creating my at that time, 9 year old business into something that worked better for me, my lifestyle, my family and mostly my creative self.

At the time I had HUGE intentions of keeping up with BOTH blogs.  Posting about all the things I've been doing with our business, my kids and other crafty things that I do. I think we can all see how much time I have had to devote to this blog ... ZERO !!

I find that saying 'I don't have time' or 'I'm too busy' can be such an excuse ... BUT, I think that what is was more for me is that the 'free' time that I have had was better spent doing other things.

I have travelled a TON ... not around the world mind you but back and forth between Vancouver Island and Calgary mostly.  A 40th birthday Disneyland trip was in there too (best birthday ever) ... and a whole lot of hockey, horses, dogs, lunch dates with girlfriends and some amazing time with my husband (every other month) !!

I have spent countless hours working with Deanyne on our business and that has been AMAZING.  We work so well together and have so many amazing ideas that we hope to bring to our fabulous customers in the weeks and months to come ...

I have been lucky enough to be in our home on the island for weeks at a time.  I have painted and crafted and cooked and drinks lots of wine with amazing friends while my kiddos enjoyed every second with their friends too !!  I feel like every time we go home, we build more of our life there and i am so incredibly excited for the future and one day being able to live there full time again !!

I am more thankful for this life that I get to live than I could every express in words here ... i have (2) children that are healthy, happy and actually seem to enjoy hanging out with Scott and I (at least for now :)) ... I have this man that has loved me every single day for close to 20 years.  We get to spend time together that many can only dream of at such a young age and for that I will always be grateful for ... 

So hear I am on my 41st birthday and as much as I want to continue with this blog, for now, I am going to give myself a break and not feel the pressure to post. I am going to hope that you will check in with me on our BUSINESS BLOG or on my FACEBOOK PAGE and maybe one day (sooner or later) i will decide to sit down here and share a little bit more of my life in the day to day ...

For now i will say thanks you for stopping by and taking a few minutes out of your day to read about mine ... i hope this finds you and your families well and that you spend your 'free' time doing something that makes you happy !!

Until next time ...

j. XO

Monday, April 27, 2015

Exciting times ......

Today is an exciting day ...... it has been more than a month since i posted here BUT as usual LOTS has been happening !!

I have been working hard with my longtime employee, instructor and friend, Deanyne,  to re-create my business into something that works best for me and allow me to offer the best i can to all you amazing and creative ladies .....

We have updated our ONLINE STORE to be 'kits and more' and our first KITS are for sale today !!

This layout is one of the FULL COLOR photos you'll find in the instruction kit with the American Crafts kit we're offering you this month ....

You'll find several new kits added each month and the May kit is already on it's way !!

I've got lots more to share with you and I promise to update again soon ..... BUT for now I am off to Disneyland !!!!

TFL ..... Talk soon.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sharing a post .....

A post on the Scrapbookin' Adventures Facebook Page this am .....

Scrapbookin' Adventures' April UYOP (20) Layout Workshop is coming up soon and our new and improved "Instruction Kits" will arrive in attendees inbox's ASAP .... We know many of you wanted to work on your kits during Spring Break, so we are working hard to finish them up to give you extra time !!

As we mentioned recently, since closing our storefront, we've been working on lots of exciting changes to give you what you want (or need LOL :)) ..... Over 8 years in this industry has given us so many ideas to be able to serve you better, so get ready 'cause you'll see one of the first changes in your "Instruction Kits" ..... others will be rolled out in the coming weeks/months !!
If you missed out on this UYOP Workshop - don't worry, we've got you covered - MORE DATES & LOCATIONS COMING SOON !! For those of you that have been asking - YES bring your wallets to our workshops (think product to purchase :))
For now, here is a peek at a sweet layout being taught in one of our upcoming workshops .....

Happy Monday crafty girls !!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Home from Cali .....

Finally made it home from our 3 weeks in California for Em's riding ..... what a fabulous trip we had.  Em is so much fun to travel with and we truly had such a great time !!  

This was her first show with her 'new to her' jumper mare and her new trainers .... she was so excited !!

She LOVED everything about Thermal .... learned a ton, figured out the new horse, rode in some fantastic classes, walked ALOT of courses and even won some ribbons too !!!

The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was hot so the pool was very welcomed and riding at the polo grounds was a huge highlight for Em ....

We ate in some incredible restaurants .... and absolutely need to drink more smoothies to detox !!

....... and yep - we even rescued not one but two puppies 
(still not sure what I was thinking LOL)

At the last minute we were asked to drive an extra vehicle home - so of course we said yes !!  Who doesn't love a good road trip ..... We drove from Palm Springs thru San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Helena, Great Falls and finally up thru Sweetgrass, Montana to get back to Alberta !!!

I loved every single second of our trip but am now home rested, relaxed and ready to get back to business ..... more creativity coming your way !!!

Happy Sunday .....

Friday, February 06, 2015

Guess What ?!?

Hey Vancouver Island girls, I've got some fun news for you !!!


Any questions ?!? Email me at:

Call your girls and register now !!!

TFL ..... Talk soon.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Over on the Bella Blog .....

It is 'Pinterest Inspired' day over on the Bella Blvd. Blog today !!

This was the image that we were given to inspire us .....

...... and this is the layout that I created using the FABULOUS new Bella Blvd. products that are hitting stores this month !!!

Head on over to the Bella Blog right now and check out all the other designers beautiful projects .....

coming ASAP ...... Check back soon  !!!

TFL ..... Talk soon.