Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1st Day Photos

Alexander has been asking when he gets to go to Grade 1 since his last day of Kindergarten in June !!! He was sooooooo excited that he got up before 7:00am and asked to get his new clothes on NOW !!!

First he picked french toast and bacon for breakfast (thanks Scott for running out to grab eggs and bacon EARLY )

Then of course there were cartoons with Emma......

.....AND I FINALLY got to make my first sandwich for a school lunch !! Since Emma is my VERY particular eater, she NEVER had a sandwich in all (6) years of Elementary School, I have been waiting for Alex to get to full day school to make one for him !!

Lunch box packed and ready.....

......dressed and backpack on !! Emma starts her C.E.A.P. home school program tomorrow......

I hope that you and your children have the most wonderful first day back !!

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