Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.....a new set of bags

Okay girls.....if you have a bit of a bag problem raise your hand ??!!
BOTH of my hands are raised. It is a problem as when we were cleaning out our garage a few weeks back I donated (2) BOXES of bags and purses......and said I was good for a while.
That was until I saw these.......

Emma and I were walking through Qualicum Beach and these adorable totes literally jumped out at me from the shop window. I knew I shouldn't have gone in....I even tried to keep walking but I couldn't. It is like something was pulling me to them.......
and now they live with me !!!

I did justify it as MUST HAVE for work......i MUST HAVE a cute laptop bag right ?! Even if my last bag is only 2 months old (....ssshhh, i have NOT told Scott yet)

....and the travel bag was completely necessary not only for my teaching trip this weekend
at the BC Crop for Kids......BUT it matched the other one, right ??!!

Who's with me on the super cute, artsy, totally scrapbook-able bags ??!!

ALL comments posted by Monday October 3rd will be entered to WIN a FREE kit from one of the (3) Bella Blvd. workshops I am teaching this weekend !!!!

Create something fabulous NOW.....hurry go.....cut paper

j. xo

Monday, September 26, 2011

.....getting sleepy

.....a short post tonight as I have LOTS of projects due SOOOOON and I am ridiculously tired today. I am planning on heading to bed BEFORE midnight tonight....wish me luck !!

Here is a peak at what I'm using on one of them !! I loved the sweet, romantic style of Bella Blvd. 'Lovey Dovey' and have used it over and over.

.......and I'm SUPER excited about tomorrow !! Check me out HERE......

Hope your Monday was great. Make sure to check back later this week for some peeks of projects AND a step by step on one of my favorite new layouts !!!

go create......quick go now.....talk soon.

j. xo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

i'm lovin' jillibean

Picked up (3) new lines of Jillibean Soup at
and am having a BLAST using it......only problem is that
I have to sleep at some point so I need to take a break :)

I had fun working with these cute pics of Alex on his first day of Kindergarten (last year).
He looked like such a little man and he was sooooo excited.

I figured I should probably get these into an album before I scrapbook all the photos
I took of his first day of Grade One ??!!

Who scrapbooks chronologically anyway ?! ......not me apparently :):)

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.....I hope you can make the time to create a little here and there !!

j. xo

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrapbookin' Maniac

This is what I have been up to the past few days.....
holed up in my office putting the finishing touches on the (20) Layouts I will be teaching HERE on October 15th and HERE on November 5th !!!

There are still a few spaces available on October 15th so if you are in the area
and I will see you in class !!!

I've also taken some time to check out each and every blog of the new
and holy smokes....what an incredibly talented group of ladies. SUPER excited to spend the next year working with them !!!

I hope that you all get some time to create this weekend......I am absolutely going to work on a few new layouts and maybe a card or two.
Once I clean up my mess from the last few days that is :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exciting Announcement

After hours and hours of creating and days of waiting.....I GOT THE EMAIL I'D BEEN WAITING FOR......It said CONGRATULATIONS to the team !!!

I've been lucky to work with Bella Blvd. in the past for Guest Designer spots and was THRILLED to have been asked to design for Summer CHA booth......but this was AMAZING and I could not be more excited !!!

Check back often as I continually work with the latest Bella Blvd. products and update and change this page too......

I promise to offer you LOTS of fun and inspiring ideas to add to your own photos too....

Make sure to FOLLOW ME and check back often as I add new projects each week for you to create at home !!

.....Have a wonderfully creative day.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bella Blvd. Layouts

These layouts are using one of my very favorite manufacturers.......
I create with Bella Blvd.
often so I thought I'd share some of my most recent layouts with you !!

"Making The Team"

"Finally Fall"

"Too Cute to Spook"

"Christmas Wishes"

"Sunny Happy Skies"

Please use these for your own inspiration to make time for yourself

Monday, September 12, 2011


.....okay, so I've been lucky enough to have LOTS of great weekends BUT....this one was pretty awesome !!

First we took the kids to the Port Alberni Fall Fair. I grew up going to this fair on the first weekend after school started every year and I LOVED it. I've taken the kids in the past but Scott was never home, this year he was here and we were all excited !! We went on rides, ate 'fair food', played games, listened to music and had a whole lot of laughs.

Alex said it was the "best day of his life".....I am going to remember that the next time they ask to go to Disneyland :):)

Saturday was TAYLOR SWIFT......Emma and I saw her in Chicago in 2009 but we were just as excited to go see here again in Vancouver.

We went with a fabulous group of girls, got to stay downtown at the Four Seasons for the first time and had a BLAST......

Emma and I danced and sang the whole show....Okay so I danced and sang more than she did but we had an amazing time and can't wait to go again (hint hint Scott.....)

We had a GREAT VIEW from our private box (thanks Maria :))

Taylor put on an INCREDIBLE SHOW for well over 2 hours !!

We drank LOTS of wine thanks to our fabulous waiter James.....

......and I will NEVER EVER forget the time I got to spend with my girl. Shopping, eating, singing, dancing, laughing, eating some more and most of all TALKING !!! Love you Em......xoxo

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

.....a new adventure

Emma started her C.E.A.P. Home School program today and she could not have been more excited !!

She got to meet her new teacher and pick up all her text books, workbooks and study materials. Her favorite book was her daily planner (takes after her Mom :)

She came straight home and got to work.......

.....We set up this workspace for her in the kitchen and she LOVES it. We are very excited for the coming year for Emma and hope it is all she hopes it to be !!!

As for me ??!! I am just so happy to have her at home.....

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1st Day Photos

Alexander has been asking when he gets to go to Grade 1 since his last day of Kindergarten in June !!! He was sooooooo excited that he got up before 7:00am and asked to get his new clothes on NOW !!!

First he picked french toast and bacon for breakfast (thanks Scott for running out to grab eggs and bacon EARLY )

Then of course there were cartoons with Emma......

.....AND I FINALLY got to make my first sandwich for a school lunch !! Since Emma is my VERY particular eater, she NEVER had a sandwich in all (6) years of Elementary School, I have been waiting for Alex to get to full day school to make one for him !!

Lunch box packed and ready.....

......dressed and backpack on !! Emma starts her C.E.A.P. home school program tomorrow......

I hope that you and your children have the most wonderful first day back !!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labour Day Weekend

So on Friday I turned my computer off......and did not turn it back on until NOW !!! I have to say that I had the most wonderful weekend with my family and I am so glad that I did......

First we went to Victoria so Emma could ride in the last horse show of the Summer. She and her new pony, jack, rode very well. They placed in all (5) of the classes that they rode in.....1st, (2) 2nd's, and (2) 3rd's !!! Super proud......

Saturday started out with some crazy drama across from the shop. Jeanna and I were getting ready for the day and all of a sudden the Conservation Officer was parked at the top of the campsite across from us, then the police closed the highway and then we found out why !!! There was a COUGAR in the tree......They tried to scare him down and ended up sedating him to transport. Haven't heard where he ended up but we've got our fingers crossed for re-location.

We FINALLY went school supplies shopping !! The kids and I could NOT get in the mood any sooner to go and get supplies. We'd done the clothes throughout the summer but the supplies....well, we needed them ALL !!!

I am happy to report that we got it done in near record time and are good to go for another year......we even got Emma's very 1st LAPTOP and she could not be more excited !! We went home to a wonderful BBQ @ my parents and then I headed to The Landing @ Pacific Shores with a friend for drinks on the patio !!

Sunday after time in our yard / house we went to friends where I played Texas Hold 'em for the very first time....AND.....I split for the WIN !! Apparently, even not knowing what I was doing AT ALL, my poker face was enough for the win !! The only problem was I LOVED IT......seriously, I should not head to Vegas any time soon !!!

Today was a day of getting clothes and school supplies and backpacks ready to go and WE ARE READY !!! Tomorrow is the day that my boy goes to all day school...GRADE ONE here comes Alex !! Emma starts her Grade 6 C.E.A.P. home school program on Wednesday and then we are set....

Watch my blog for a new feature I'll be adding soon. Each week I will add a new layout for your inspiration along with INSTRUCTIONS on how you can re-create it for yourself with your supplies from home....or of course you can always head over to Scrapbookin' Adventures to pick up all the new hitting their shelves :):)

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and that this week is a good one for you all....

Thursday, September 01, 2011


(5) fabulous NEW WORKSHOPS have been opened for registration over at

You can chose (1) or ALL of these fantastic classes offered by (3) of their talented instructors.

Christmas Card Class (Bella Blvd.)

Calendar Workshop (American Crafts)

(4) Layout Workshop (Imaginisce)

Halloween Project Workshop (Bella Blvd.)

Holiday Mini Flip Album (Pebbles Inc.)

You can REGISTER ONLINE or in store.....

See you there !!!