Saturday, January 28, 2012

.....a little bit

Just a few pics of a few of the things I've been working on over the past week.....

I've been looking forever for the perfect frame to show little projects and I finally 
found one that I love....

Since the month of love is around the corner I made all these cute little cards, tags and bags....
Super happy with how it came together :))

.....and this is a peek at just one of (20) layouts that I am going to be teaching HERE on February 25th and HERE on March 3rd......

If you're interested in attending this super fun workshop.....Check out the links on how to register !!

I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of more fun layouts I'll be teaching soon :))

Talk soon.
j. xo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last but NOT least....

....Seriously exciting....

You've been asking and they've been listening.....You'll enjoy having the all pieces of these collections ready for you....and you'll save too !!

Head over to the Bella Blog to COMMENT TO WIN your own collection before it hits stores :))

SO you know how I've been telling you all week that I have peeks of projects for you and to come on back and then I don't have them posted ??!! .....well I'm sorry but i PROMISE that you are going to have fun new pics to look at this weekend :))

Come on soon.
j. xo

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Only (2) days left......

Well ladies.....we're almost there.....this is the 2nd to last day of the incredible new product reveals from Bella Blvd.

Today we're sharing.....

AND.....Yep, FLAGS FLAGS and more FLAGS !!!

How cool is that ?!

Head over to the Bella Blog and COMMENT TO WIN some of your own.

Super exciting.......I 'll be back in a bit to show you some of what has kept me in my office for 3 days straight :)) So make sure to stop by later today....

Talk soon.
j. xo

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

High 5......

Introducing.......NEW High 5 Alphabet Stickers from Sophisticates by Stephanie !!!!

If you were a fan of the Quattrofina will LOVE these.  The fonts and sizes are FABULOUS and will have you reaching for them over and over.....

Sorry I don't have a project for you today......seriously SWAMPED with layouts at the moment but Ill have some peeks for you SOON and I hope it's worth the wait....I am loving them and hope you will too !!

Talk soon.
j. xo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

r u ready for SUNSHINE ??!!

....."Sunshine & Hapiness' that is.....


You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this fantastic summer line from Bella Blvd.

Head over to the Bella Blog and leave your 

.......under a HUGE deadline so I'll be back in a few days with more inspiration for you to sit down and get some layouts into your albums !!!!

Thanks for stopping by.......
Talk soon.
j. xo

Monday, January 23, 2012 of my favorites !!

Here we go....Week #2 of the fabulous NEW Bella Blvd. CHA releases....

When Stephanie added the Sophisticates by Stephanie line to the Bella family.....I fell in love just a little but more.

There are (3) new colors that have been added to the patterned paper collection......I can hardly wait for the NAVY !!!

These chipboard shapes are simply AMAZING......and you'll be able to find ALL of this 
in early March.....exciting !!!

Have a super happy Monday :))

Talk soon.
j. xo

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Photo Tips.....

hey ladies.....i've been getting asked how to get a good project pic to add to online challenges and contests so i thought i'd do a little mini tutorial for you.....

DISCLAIMER:  just so you know i am NOT the best at this but i've got a few tips that work for me so you MUST practice......what do they say, "practice makes perfect" :))

Here we go:

Natural lighting is always best so if you have a nice space near a window with natural light this is going to give you the best results.

Try to photograph your project 'straight on'.  This could mean positioning it on a desk or table like this.......

or on a stand like this.......

or laying it on a piece of poster board and standing over it like this......

....this is the first un-edited shot

.....this is after it was cropped, straightened and had the color sharpened.  
Better right.....You can see the detail more clearly and if you're trying to win a contest that's important :))

There are 2 schools of thought on if you should photograph with a colored background......
or on white as shown above.

I think this is your choice......they both can showcase your project very well if they are taken straight on, in good lighting and edited well.

In some cases you will want a close up detailed shot of a portion of your project.  This is where you can get low and close and take an angled photo of your this.....

Okay, editing......I know that this is where some of you get nervous.  If you take digital photos and use a computer you all have some type of editing software.

PLEASE NOTE: You will most likely always need to do some kind of photo editing to adjust the size (cropping) and enhance the color of your shot.

It could be within your windows program on your PC or iPhoto on your Mac.  Or you could have purchased another program such as ACDSee, Photoshop or even as advanced as Corel Paintshop Pro (but if you're able to use that one you don't need me for this :))

Once you load your project photos onto your computer you can play with them a bit in your editing program.  This is where you can rotate, straighten, crop and adjust the color in your image.  

This is BEFORE....

and this is AFTER....

Depending on the program you choose to use there are online forums to answer any technical questions you may have.

 Most editing programs are simple enough to figure out the basics to be able to create fabulous photos for you to add to online galleries or challenges and contests like you'll find HERE. need to take a ton of pics in different light at different times of the day, from different angles and then do the same within your editing program.......and then you will find what works best for you...... 

Don't be afraid to check out blogs (like the rest of the Bella girls to the right of this post) and see how others photograph theirs.

Once constant you will find over and over and over
not on an angle
(unless it's a close up of course)

I hope this helps and I really look forward to seeing more of your work HERE for Bianca's bi-weekly challenges.

Happy Sunday......
Talk soon.

j. xo

Did someone say....STAMPS ??!!

As you know, Bella and Unity have teamed up in the past to create fabulous stamps to coordinate with some of the most popular images from Stephanie's collections.

Well.....they've done it again !!

Here is my FAVORITE Itty Bitty Stamp for Bella Blvd. by 

Head over to the Bella Blog to see more stamps, 
some super cute samples and of course for your 
your own stamps before they hit the store shelves :))

It's a rainy day here on the west coast so check back later for a promised mini tutorial on photographing your projects for online challenges....

Talk soon.
j. xo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stephanie's Favorite !!!

Today we're sharing BRAND NEW Designer Tape.....and we're sooooo excited !!

For those of you that LOVE ribbon you are going to LOVE this and 
if you've never tried it before you are going to LOVE it too......

Stephanie has really outdone herself with this fabulous new embellishment !!

Make sure to head over to the
Bella Blog and COMMENT TO WIN 
your own set of Designer Tape :))

Check back this weekend for more projects I've been working on and a little photography tutorial too.

Talk soon.
j. xo

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess Who's Expecting.....??!!

You got it.....Bella Blvd. is expecting another new collection and you will not be disappointed.

This is for sure a line that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can use in our albums !!  We all have either had our own babies, adopted or know people that are expecting......This line is PERFECT for all that and more...... always with Bella.....each and every patterned paper can be used for other themes and cards and albums and altered projects and and and.......

The possibilities are endless.......If you want to be among the first to enjoy this line head over to the 

Talk soon.
j. xo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

......puppy love

I thought I'd share a fun and simple layout with you tonight using the 

This was my now 14month old 100lb German Shepherd when he 
was 10 weeks old and 20 lbs !!  It was his first snow and he LOVED it.....
but then got cold REALLY quick !!

To create this quick layout:

  • 12 x 12 white cardstock for the base
  • 10 1/2 x 10 1/2" polka dot patterned paper; Adhere centered
  • 2 1/2 x 8 1/2"vertical heart pattered paper; Adhere to the left
  • 4 x 6" vertical photo; Adhere as shown
  • heart strip is 7 x 1 1/4"; Adhere raised with 3D foam
  • 1/2" x 6 3/4"patterned paper strip just underneath the last piece
  • 2 x 7 1/4 pink patterned strip; Round outer corners and raise using 3D foam
  • Add title to last pp strip
  • Embellish as desired
.......and just like that you can add one more layout to your album :))

Have a great night and check back in the am for another release from Bella Blvd.

Talk soon.
j. xo's a GIRL

.....a GIRL Collection that is !!!

You got it......another FABULOUS collection for your sweet sweet girl......

Don't forget to head over to the Bella Blog to ENTER TO WIN this collection......

Check back later for another layout using NEW product you can find HERE :))

Talk soon.
j. xo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 new layout

.....I've been holed up in my office every night working on layouts for upcoming workshops, store samples and some just for me :))

Here is one I created on the weekend using the NEW "With Love"
from Pebbles by American Crafts......

This line is now in stock HERE.

I absolutely LOVE the kraft base on the patterend papers.  I precision cut a couple of heards and raised them on top of the heart paper using 3D foam to add some dimension.  I even added some "Mr. Huey's" mist to the base too !!

  I have the best collection of buttons and thought this was the perfect place to use all these red ones !!!

Dig out your embellishment stash and try using them in ways you hadn't thought of before......Have fun :))

Talk soon.
j. xo

Day 2.....

Okay ladies......Day 2 reveal is......yep, you got it....
.... BUTTONS BUTTONS and more BUTTONS !!!!

These are going to be FABULOUS additions to our albums and projects !!

Don't forget to head over to the Bella Blog and COMMENT TO WIN your own set of these pretty pretty buttons.......

I'll have a few new layouts for you tomorrow with some instructions too so don't forget to check back here and get some more inspiration !!

Talk soon.
j. xo

Monday, January 16, 2012

it's TIME......

Here we go everyone.....We've got a full 2 weeks of CHA releases to share with you and we're all SO EXCITED !!!

Day ONE we're sharing the brand new BABY BOY Collection......and it is absolutely ADORABLE !!

You can check out close up plus a CHANCE TO WIN over on the Bella Blog every day for the next 2 weeks so make sure to call your friends and spread the word.....Bella's got the goods so head on over and have a look !!

Check back here every day and see what's will not want to miss out :))

......and'll find ALL of the CHA RELEASES in stock HERE in March !!!

talk soon.
j. xo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

snow....FINALLY !!

I had to share this with you 'cause we're pretty excited around our house today !!

My boy has literally been waiting for snow since November and every single morning he gets up and runs to the window to see if it snowed overnight.

I was working at my desk late last night and turned around to see SNOW out the back door......I couldn't wait to tell Alex so I snuck into his room, woke him up and carried him outside to see the first snow of winter.....for us anyway :))

....and you know what he said to me ?! "Mommy, Santa brought me a late Christmas present."......Yep, totally brought tears to my eyes......

The sky was so bright and with the street lights shining this was what it looked like out my front door at about 12:30am.

Today was spent outside off and on all day.....the dryer got a workout with me getting the snow suits dry enough to go out and get them wet again !!

I was so happy for these 2 kids......they deserved to have their snow......

Make sure to check back tomorrow and every day for the coming 2 weeks as we start sharing all the NEW NEW NEW from Bella Blvd........sooooo exciting !!

j. xo

P.S.  If you commented HERE.....the winner is KRISTINE me at to get your prize package :))

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Just a Note"

I have been so excited to share these with you.......I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest and just had to put my own spin on it and this is what I came up with !!!

They are "sticky note" holders and are made from clear acrylic photo stands that you can get at your local stationary or photography store.

I used 5 x 7" vertical stands and chose (2) fabulous bright collections to create this fun project.
For my first note stand I chose Bella Blvd. "Hello Beautiful"....This collection was released a few years back but it is still one of my favorite's.......

First I chose the base pattern, cut it to 5 x 7" and sanded the edges. I embellished it like a mini layout and inserted it into the 'frame'.

Then I added some raised embellishments to the outside and then glued the base of a 3 x 3" sticky notepad to the center !!

The 2nd note card holder was created using American Crafts "Daydreams".....This line is one of my new favorite's and it is now in stock HERE.

The 3D embellishments combined with the bright bold patterns worked perfectly !!!

I think this is the perfect 'hostess gift', 'birthday gift' or just 'thinking of you' gift too.....

I hope these inspire you to create one or two or more of your own !!

Have a wonderful night.

j. xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 "Anita"

......So i have been wanting a dress form for my home office for quite some time but haven't been able to find the right one.....until today !!!

I loved the stand for this one and knew it would be perfect......

....Do I sew you ask ??!! No.....but.....I want to. To date I only sew on my layouts but that is going to change and when it does I will have a dress form to use .... maybe :))

The funny part ?! .....I had Emma with me and as soon as I had decided on this one she picked her up and said "Come on Anita, let's go home ".
I just about fell over right there in the shop.....I said to her "Anita ?
Where did that come from ?......and she said, "I don't know she just looked like an Anita."

So Anita it is......We came home and Emma got this skirt out for her and this bracelet which is now a necklace and I think she looks perfect :))

Check back tomorrow for my take on a SUPER CUTE idea I found on Pinterest......

j. xo