Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.....a new set of bags

Okay girls.....if you have a bit of a bag problem raise your hand ??!!
BOTH of my hands are raised. It is a problem as when we were cleaning out our garage a few weeks back I donated (2) BOXES of bags and purses......and said I was good for a while.
That was until I saw these.......

Emma and I were walking through Qualicum Beach and these adorable totes literally jumped out at me from the shop window. I knew I shouldn't have gone in....I even tried to keep walking but I couldn't. It is like something was pulling me to them.......
and now they live with me !!!

I did justify it as MUST HAVE for work......i MUST HAVE a cute laptop bag right ?! Even if my last bag is only 2 months old (....ssshhh, i have NOT told Scott yet)

....and the travel bag was completely necessary not only for my teaching trip this weekend
at the BC Crop for Kids......BUT it matched the other one, right ??!!

Who's with me on the super cute, artsy, totally scrapbook-able bags ??!!

ALL comments posted by Monday October 3rd will be entered to WIN a FREE kit from one of the (3) Bella Blvd. workshops I am teaching this weekend !!!!

Create something fabulous NOW.....hurry go.....cut paper

j. xo


  1. I am with you! Those bags are AWESOME! I have a bag "problem" too. I put that in quotes because I don't find it a problem but my hubby does. I wouldn't have been able to walk away from those either. Hey you have to have awesome bags to carry all of your awesome kits/work - right!? :)

  2. Totally with you on the bags. One can NEVER have enough. :) Perfect for toting scrappy goodies!!

  3. Jen, I TOTALLY get it! I could take a few boxes for donation too but my shelf would certainly just get filled again. Love your choices...well, I mean they chose you, good way to look at it!
    Cyndy (even though it may say Maggi cause our accounts are all mixed up!)

  4. Your bags are adorable and they will come in handy with all your travelling to teach those wonderful classes.

  5. So cute.. totally look like they were designed with a scrapbooker in mind!

    Is it okay that I'm not a "bag" person - that sounds wrong.. but I think you know what I mean. I don't carry a purse and for me as long as the bag works for what I need to carry.. I'm all good.

    Plus... the less money I spend on bags (etc) the more money I have to spent on scrapbooking supplies!!

    PS Sorry I missed your classes in Abbotsford - had to make a choice and chose to sell our tickets and go to your crop instead.

  6. Those bags are too cute! I can see why you couldn't walk past the store without checking them out a little closer.

    I would love to win one of your Bella Blvd class kits! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  7. Awesome bag, great posts and your kits ROCK! I missed signing up for your classes, but I am here, and walk past the table many times drooling over them- would be fantastic to win one..

  8. Those bags are fabulous.. :) one can never have enough. your poor laptop was in need of an updated bag.. ;)i hope to get to see it in person at the anniversary retreat.. :)

  9. It was a great weekend for sure. I enjoyed it all and feel re connected. Even getting 12 double paged layouts done! I made my own kits, in your tribute.

  10. CONGRATULATIONS MARIA STANLEY !!!! Your name was drawn to receive one of the class kits from the BC Crop for Kids :):)

    Message me at jennifer@scrapbookinadventures.ca and we'll make sure your kit gets to you ASAP !!!

    Everyone....make sure to keep watching my blog for more give-aways soon !!