Friday, October 07, 2011

crazy crazy days.....

I do not have any idea where this week has gone and I STILL have
sooooo much to do before
next weekend !!!!

Life sure gets busy and this past week has been a blur of......

  • Emma's home school program, art classes and of course riding
  • Alexander's school, hip hop and art classes and of course hockey
  • (2) puppies running me off my feet and as always......
  • .......more projects than I can count on the go and not enough time to create ....... (I promise to post shots of them ASAP)

Tomorrow is going to be a sad day for Emma. We are taking Glassy back to her owner in Victoria. She has been riding Glassy for the last 18 months and has had so
many incredible moments and many many wins with her.

This special pony has taught Emma so much and Emma has completely fallen in love with her.....She will hold a special place in all of our hearts as being the pony that gave Emma the confidence to go after her dreams.

Emma spent this afternoon with Glassy and I got this sweet shot.....I hope one day soon she will look at her new pony, Jack, with the same love.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am thankful for many of them is this girl and her ponies.

I wish you and your family all the best for a wonderful holiday weekend.

j. xo

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