Saturday, October 22, 2011

i survived..... happened, my girl turned 11 yrs old and we had the party to prove it !!
Em had (5) of her closest friends spend the evening with her and it was so much fun.

First, I ALWAYS bake and decorate a fancy cake for both the kids parties, but this year Emma asked if I would order these fabulously oversized chocolate stuffed cupcakes from Thrifty's......Being as busy as I am, of course i said YES !!
My feelings weren't hurt AT ALL :)

The highlight of the party this year was the 'Splatter Party' at
4 Cats Arts Studios. Emma and Alex go every week for art class and study artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci ect.....but this 'Splatter Party' was sooooooo cool !!

The girls had to wear old clothes (thanks goodness) and I am not kidding you....I thought they'd get paint on them but they were COVERED....and then it dried :) They made the most fabulous canvas for Emma and a small one for each of the girls....

Needless to say, each one of them came home to have a shower before the 'sleep' over began !!!

They truly had so much fun and I am so happy that Em enjoyed her 11th birthday with this really great group of girls. I hope they stay close for years to come....

j. xo

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