Saturday, November 26, 2011 easy build ??!!

Okay so I am sure i am NOT the only one that has dreaded opening that bog heavy box from IKEA that should really only take you an hour or so and then it really takes you 4 - 6 hours right ??!

Well remember when I told you I managed to fit everything, even a bed in my jeep a few weeks back ?! Well, Scott got Emma's bed up before he went back to work but these (2) chairs and another shelf for my office had to wait.

I was refusing to put up the Christmas tree until the box was gone from my living room and since I couldn't lift it, the kids and I decided (okay I decided :)) to tackle it on our own.

I thought this chair was so cute and had to have a couple of them 'cause they look EASY to put together right ??!! Well.......

.....the first chair caused me a bit of grief and I did have to take it apart once or twice and move a piece or two around but.....I finally got it and chair number 2 went much more smoothly :))

So then I moved on to the shelf. Everyone I know seems to have this shelf and I've always loved it but when I couldn't even get the box open without tearing it to pieces I wasn't feeling very optimistic.

In honour of Scott, I even laid all the pieces out first to make sure I had them all 'cause my luck I'd get to the end and be missing a screw. So I had them all and got to work.....

...and I have to tell you that it went WAAYY more smoothly than I had expected and i LOVE the shelf.

Emma helped me move things around to make it fit and now I just have to fill it....shouldn't be a problem :))

I figure now that it wasn't such a huge deal that I should go back and buy some more.....and not tell Scott ?!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and
for another fun tutorial !!!

j. xo

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