Monday, November 21, 2011

Gatefold Album Tutorial

Okay it is, the Gatefold Album tutorial I promised !!
It's a long one 'cause I wanted to show you step by step.

Once you do it the first time, it's a piece of cake every time after that......

I love this album and hope that you will too :))

First you will need to have your favorite scoring tool, (2) 4 x 8" pieces of cardstock,
(1) 8 x 8" and (2) 4 x 8" pieces of decent weight chipboard.

Next, using the (2) pieces of 4 x 8" cardstock, score at every 1/2" and fold as shown.

You will want to use a quick dry liquid glue (Tombow is my fave) and adhere the INSIDE of the folds together as shown below.

This is how your 'binding' should look once dry.

Lay all (3) of your chipboard 'cover's flat 1/8" apart as shown to accept your 'binding'.

Add glue to the bottom 2 flaps and adhere onto the edge of your center
8 x 8" piece and the edge of one of your 4 x 8" pieces as shown.

Close and hold together until dry.

Your album should look like this on each side once dry.

....and like this when open laying flat !!

....and like this standing up with all (3) pieces adhered together with your cardstock binding !!

Once you have secured your covers together, you can choose patterned for the inside and outside of your album.
Cut (1) 8 x 8" and (2) 4 x 8" pieces for the inside and outside. I choose different patterns, but you can embellish however you like :))

Now it is time to add your inside 'pages'. I use (4) chipboard and (2) acrylic.
They are cut to (2) 3 x 5" and (2) 4 x 5" of chipboard and (1) 3 x 5" and (1) 4 x 5" acrylic.

Feel free to round the inside corners of all, some or none - your choice !!

Using your quick dry glue, adhere your pages into the folds of your binding as shown.

It should look similar to this when complete.
Remember, add your mini pages alternating throughout your binding folds as you choose. There is no rhyme or reason :))

I like to 'cover' where I've adhered my inside mini pages using 1/2 x 8" pieces of patterned paper as shown.

Once you've added your inside mini pages you can go ahead and complete
the covering of your pages with coordinating paper, stickers and borders too !!

Pretty up your covers with matching embellishments, die cuts
and stickers as desired.

.....then fill it with photos and journaling !!

I hope that you've enjoyed this tutorial on one of my favorite Altered Albums.

If you have any questions just shoot me an email at anytime !!

Have fun making your own Gatefold Album from scratch.....
using your favorite Bella Blvd. paper of course :))

j. xo


  1. Very cute...thank you so much Jennifer for your time to making this post happen. Very cute and such great inspiration! I think this will make awesome Christmas gifts!! Again, thank you!!!

  2. I feel like I took a class without leaving my office, shhh don't tell anyone i am reading blogs while working lol! I am totally making one, thank you so much for sharing....Carla

  3. Love it!!! Do we get to see the finished project???? ox

  4. Your design is the easiest to follow and the best one yet. I am going to try this one and hopefully post it on my blog. I am also going to make a Christmas album.