Sunday, December 04, 2011


How many of you wish you had a few more hours in the day ?!
I find that i keep saying "if I just had 6 more hours in my day i could....."

This rings true even more at this time of year. Scott is home for the holidays this year so I am working late late late every night trying to be able to be at home with him and the kids for 2 weeks over Christmas.....that is the plan anyway. I'll let you knowhow it goes ;))

......because of this, my desk looks like this
(only until tomorrow night when I FINALLY clean it)

I went and got all the Christmas decorations from storage the other day and the kids had a blast decorating the tree. We alternate each year between a real and artificial tree depending on Scott's schedule so the kids can enjoy the tree being up for as long as possible !! Emma LOVES fluffing the branches and hanging the ornaments. I think they did a fabulous job.....

I've been working on LOTS of projects lately.....most of which you'll have to wait to see :))
Here are a few layouts that weren't for anything other than our family albums !!

These pics were taken at the pumpkin patch a couple of days before Halloween.....

.......and these were on Emma's 11th birthday when we completely surprised her with Taylor Swift's new perfume and body wash.....she smells fabulous every morning :))

Well....I am off to get a bit more work done for the shop this week with plans to be in bed by midnight....wish me luck !!

Make sure to come on back later this week for more inspiration,
another fun tutorial and a FREE draw too !!

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