Sunday, December 18, 2011

......where I've been

I wanted to share a few photos of what I've been up to this past week and why I've been a bit of a 'bad blogger' sorry but I was in Washington having SO MUCH FUN with my girl and her pony !!!

Emma had the opportunity to ride for (3) days with a wonderful clinician just outside Seattle and we made the very most of the trip.

She had a fantastic time in each lesson and learned so much. I still can't believe that this girl smiles the entire time she is jumping each course - love it !!

We walked through the Pike Place Market and saw the sights.

I bought the BEST apples ever and almost got talked in to taking fresh crab home too !! Almost......

.......and I just HAD to take a pic of this sign as it made me laugh out loud. Hell yeah.......

We even made a stop to visit Santa at Nordstroms Dept. store. It was sooooo cute. They made the whole corner look like a little cottage. We were all offered coffee/hot chocolate and cookies while we were waiting.

Because we were visiting from out of town and couldn't go back to pick up our picture in (2) days, they let us use our own camera and took the pics for us !! So much fun.......

Emma was so cute whispering what she wanted into his ear..... It was so funny as she had to push his hair and beard aside to find his ear.....she had us all in the giggles, even Santa :))

We did LOTS of shopping and even got the girls party dresses at Jessica McClintock too.

Of course our horse lovin' kids had to visit this police horse and were so happy when the officer said they could get their picture taken too.

The lights on all the buildings were beautiful and I loved this incredible star at Macy's.

...and we ate VERY well. NOT healthy well but portion size well...This was my first burger ever at Red Robin. Seriously, I could barely get my mouth around it.......and true to my "I don't like onions but eat onion rings" form the burger even had french fried onions on it and they totally made the burger. I could barely move out of the booth as of course i ate the whole thing.....could not even touch the fries !!! needless to say, I am currently drinking litres of water each day and having protein shakes for breakfast and lunch.....and no crazy onion filled burgers for me for quite some time !!

I hope you all are enjoying some good fun family holiday time in the days leading up to Christmas.....tomorrow is my 'wrapping day' - wish me luck :))

j. xo

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