Wednesday, January 11, 2012 "Anita"

......So i have been wanting a dress form for my home office for quite some time but haven't been able to find the right one.....until today !!!

I loved the stand for this one and knew it would be perfect......

....Do I sew you ask ??!! No.....but.....I want to. To date I only sew on my layouts but that is going to change and when it does I will have a dress form to use .... maybe :))

The funny part ?! .....I had Emma with me and as soon as I had decided on this one she picked her up and said "Come on Anita, let's go home ".
I just about fell over right there in the shop.....I said to her "Anita ?
Where did that come from ?......and she said, "I don't know she just looked like an Anita."

So Anita it is......We came home and Emma got this skirt out for her and this bracelet which is now a necklace and I think she looks perfect :))

Check back tomorrow for my take on a SUPER CUTE idea I found on Pinterest......

j. xo


  1. Love it .......... and the story along with it!!!! (didn't get to see til now - crashed)

  2. That is cool... and what a great story!