Sunday, January 05, 2014

'whitewash' skirt anyone ?!?

I don't sew much other than paper and I definitely do NOT use a dress form to create clothes, however I find myself drawn to them and have several in my studio.

I went shopping for a full sized one a few years back and Emma (my then 11 year old) was with me. Once I'd decided on my 'new girl', Emma promptly picked her up and said 'C'mon Anita, let's go home' !!! Anita ?!?! .... not sure where that came from but nonetheless, we brought Anita home and Em quickly 'dressed' her in one of her polka dot skirts and a cute necklace ..... I always wondered why she didn't get a shirt ?!?!

So anyway ..... I have several little mini dress forms in my studio and decided to start 'dressing' them too :))

This girl needed a fun new flouncy skirt so I pulled out some fave Core'dinations Whitewash cardstock and started embossing .....

....... Once I had embossed each piece and lightly sanded off the top I punching heart after heart after heart !!!  After wrapping a red border punched strip at the hem, I began layering one heart after another and tucked a bit of 3D foam under many of the 'ruffles' to help hold them up.  I layered the heart punchies all the way to the top and then added a creamy colored  'belt' :))

A few red 'roses' to embellish her belt and this girl is dressed (well except for her shirt ;)) .... At least she matches Anita now !!!

TFL ..... Talk soon.

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