Monday, December 29, 2014

An Edwardson Christmas in Calgary

I had planned on posting this to y'all a few days back but clearly that didn't happen ;)

The days leading up to the holidays were wildly busy as I know they are for everyone.  The kids were in school right up until December 19th and boy were they ready for a break !!  Em has has A LOT of homework each night and has worked so hard in her first semester at her new school.  She loves it and has made some lovely friends ..... between her academics and her horses, she is one busy 14 year old.  

The Elf on the Shelf made his first appearance in our house this December and both the kids LOVED him.  Alex could not wait to wake up each morning to see what he had gotten into while they were sleeping.  He even brought some gifts throughout the month .... very much looking forward to seeing 'buddy' again next December !!


Alex finished up hockey on the 20th - 21st weekend with a fun tourney in the last couple of days before Christmas.  Scoring 2 goals in one game was an awesome way for him to break for the holidays :)) We even made it out to the 'Zoo Lights' at the Calgary Zoo ..... cold but very fun !!

Being in a new city on Christmas Eve had us joining good friends for a holiday church service and it was perfect.  We had chinese food after and played 'A Christmas Story Monopoly' too ...... 


Christmas morning was AMAZING .... having Scott home this year again was such a treat and we took full advantage of it !!  Up to my brother's for dinner with the family and then home to enjoy all the kids gifts in the evening .....

The kids wanted to do some Boxing Day shopping (BEST. MOM. EVER.) ..... Alex and Scott went to 2 stores that they wanted to shop in and then headed home for the afternoon while Em and I braved Chinook Centre - CRAZY !!! 

 I'd never seen anything like it ..... and may not go on Boxing Day ever again !!! Em got lots of deals using her gift cards and left happy ..... all in all it was a super fun day with my girl :))

After one more day of riding, we packed up and headed back to our house on Vancouver Island ..... After a little bit of work, we will have time for a week of relaxing and visiting with friends - CAN'T WAIT !!!

Talk soon ....

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