Wednesday, February 04, 2015

February already ......

Happy month of LOVE everyone !!  I've been gettin' crafty lately so get ready for some inspiration ..... but until then I want to share a few pics of what has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks !!

Not long before Christmas I found out that I had early onset, fast developing cataracts !!!!  Yes, I'm only 39 so I was like 'wait, i'm too young' but apparently not ...... so I saw some fabulous doctors and was scheduled to have my first lens replaced on January 14th ..... The wait could not have been longer !!!  My sight was getting worse every day ...... 

So I went in and they fixed one and the other one gets done on February 11th ..... I am desperately counting the days until I can see with BOTH eyes - what a concept ;))  I will still need readers for close up .... but hey, I am pushing 40 so that was bound to happen anyway !!!!

Outside of the fact that my eyesight is lopsided and it takes me 10 times longer to do anything .... I have been busy running my kiddos from one place to the next, taking care of our 2 high maintenance dogs and crafting when I get a moment !!

I've got more to share, some crafty goodness and even an announcement to make .... so i promise i will be posting again soon - like THIS WEEK .... so come on back and get in on it !!!

Oh, and it will involve a PRIZE or two !!!

TFL .... Talk soon.

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