Wednesday, November 02, 2011

....i love Christmas carols

We did it...we took the plunge before any other business in Parksville and decorated our store for the holidays and it looks BEAUTIFUL (if we do say so ourselves :)

We had so much fun last night. Everyone brought their families, we ate pizza and had a 'kid zone' with the 'Santa Buddies' movie while the adults got to work....

..and YES YES YES we listened to Christmas carols and it made me soooooo happy !!

We trimmed the tree (thanks Kerri and Simon for 'fluffing'), put snow on the 'ground', added as much of the fabulous Christmas product as we could fit, put the newest winter layouts in the window and then lit the tree lights......the results are AMAZING !!

The girls are so excited to show you all we have in store to help you scrapbook your photos, make your Christmas cards and create gifts for everyone on your hurry in and get your favorites !!!

Me....??!! I'm closing this computer for the night and scrapbooking until I can't see straight....
....or until the paper isn't straight anymore :):) Which ever comes first.....

j. xo

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