Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day pics.....'s been another BUSY week around our house !! I have just gotten around to going thru some of our Christmas Day pics and thought I'd share a few of my faves with you....

......this is my absolute favorite photo of the day. These 2 puppies did NOT want to wear these Santa hats much less sit for this photo !! They were good sports just long enough to get this shot - LOVE IT !!!!

Emma and Alex loved their stockings and I love that I can capture their smiles like this.....they were soooooo happy !!!

Alexander is so interested in science and how things are made or created and he was REALLY excited about this science kit.....

....Emma had tried ordering this Playmobile pool about 6 months ago and a few weeks back she said "I guess it's not going to come in" and had put it to rest reluctantly. That very day the store called and said it came me being the sneaky Mom decided to get it for her for Christmas and was she surprised. She got so excited she cried.....super sweet !!

.......and finally the finished dessert !! This was
from SCRATCH and it was FABULOUS if I do say so myself......Everyone loved it and I am pretty sure Christmas dessert is now going to be my job each year :))

Well, the dogs and my husband have been sleeping on the couches for hours now so I am off to bed......

j. xo

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