Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a wonderful day at our house so far :))
I spent yesterday making all these treats for the kids and some for Alexander's Grade 1 classroom too.....

Brownies covered in homemade Butter Creme Icing and topped with a chocolate.....

Chocolate heart shaped cookies with pink icing, sprinkles and a jelly in the center.....

.....and vanilla cupcakes with (2) colors of better creme icing, sprinkles and a chocolate on top too !!

This morning I made Emma & Alex heart shaped pancakes.....they loved them !!

I gave Alex the choice of all the different store bought Valentine's.....but nope, he wanted me to make him "Indiana Jones" cards for his class :))  

He's a HUGE Indiana Jones fan and even drew an Indiana Jones picture that he asked me to send to Harrison Ford for Valentine's Day.......Just have to find his address :))

I was a little concerned that this wasn't going to turn out well but together he and I found exactly what we wanted.....a little cardstock, some stamps and a lot of glue and this is what went to school.....

........and this was on the back :))  He was thrilled......

From our family to yours....Have a very happy Valentine's Day.....

Talk soon.
j. xo

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  1. Great Valentine Treats . . . .look so yummy!

    We have been Crazy Busy with Cupid here too - thank goodness for Pinterst.

    Hope all is well and chat very soon ox