Monday, February 20, 2012

she cooked a chicken dinner......

I've got some more sneak peeks pics to share with you Monday am....but today I wanted to show you what my girl made !!

Emma, has been learning to bake over the past few months.  At 11 years old she is VERY interested in cooking (must have skipped a generation :))

So tonight I had planned to do a roast chicken for dinner and she asked if she could do it, so together we got to work.....

I was so impressed as she's been so sick this week (you can see it in her poor eyes) 
and she still stuck it out with me in the kitchen and made the most wonderful dinner for us !!

She learned how to use the thermometer......

....and faced her fear of a really hot oven (do you love the Christmas oven mitts :)))

Then she learned how to make gravy.....even though she doesn't eat it :))

She started to cut.....and quickly asked for help !!!

.....and look at what she ended up with !!!   
AND.....her brother even ate it and told her it was yummy :))

It was a really fun afternoon in the kitchen with my girl......

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Talk soon.
j. xo

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