Sunday, March 25, 2012

GREAT workshop - Thank You !!!

....a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful ladies that I got to spend my day with yesterday in 

(sorry if i missed anyone in the pics....i tried to get you all in :))

We had such a great time together and at the end of the workshop almost 600 layouts went home with some pretty excited (and exhausted :)) scrapbookers.....

Here are a couple more examples of what we worked on....the rest are in 'my layouts'......

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine with the kids and dogs and horses....
Talk soon.
j. xo


  1. Great layouts . . . love your gallery!!!!!

    Want to learn how to do those cool pinwheel / circle things :)

  2. Thank you ::)) .....will show you how in a few weeks !!!