Sunday, March 04, 2012

So much FUN - thank you

Thank you Thank you Thank you to all the fabulous ladies that spent the day with me yesterday to help raise funds for the BALLENAS 2012 GRAD CLASS !!

We scrapbooked ALL DAY LONG and in the end more than 880 layouts went home last that's a whole lotta scrapbookin'....

All the parents made INCREDIBLE food and took great care of us...the goodie bags were such a treat too :))

Here are a couple more layouts from the day.....

....this one was adapted from a "Becky Fleck" sketch....

.....and YES I know I spelled 'fourty' incorrectly BUT....I kind of like it that way :))

For those of you that joined me in Coquitlam and in Parksville, you can find the ENTIRE workshop labeled in "My Layouts".....

You'll see each one shown "Feb. 25 & Mar 3 Kit #" so you can pull them up full screen if you want to add embellishments ect.....

More workshops coming up soon AND some samples that I designed for a very special KIT CLUB !!

Talk soon.
j. xo


  1. Hey Jenn.. I don't see where the layouts are from Sat?
    Help! lol

    Thanks for a fun day!

  2. Hi Ashley.....Click on "MY LAYOUTS" on the right and scroll through....they are all listed and titled by Kit #......