Monday, September 03, 2012

moving moving moving

hey there.....been a bit CRAZY BUSY and wanted to let you in on a bit of the craziness !!!

A couple of months ago we thought it would be fun to rent a FABULOUS beach house with an even more FABULOUS view and then put our house up for sale......we've been wanting to buy property and bring our horses home for a while and this was the perfect move to get us going.

(the view from my office/crafty space)

Like everyone, we're so busy day to day and the thought of having showings at the house in the middle of horses and hockey and school and work and CRAFTING just didn't seem realistic .....Soooooo, we've been moving this weekend and will spend the next couple of weeks getting the old house ready for the FOR SALE sign !!

Moving my office/crafty space was the biggest job of all....and I have to say I was a little particular about how it was all to be handled ;))  

(scott holding one of my favorite pieces from my office - not super safe I know but we're only moving 2 blocks down the road ;))

Everyone did a great job and now I get to finds new homes for it all......and i LOVE organizing so I am excited for the days ahead......but for now it looks a bit like this.....

(the state of things at the moment....won't be long and I'll have it back to 'my normal' :))

Having said that, I have (4) projects due for this coming Friday !!!!  Yikes.....I'd better get back to it......

Check back soon for some more project inspiration and some exciting news too :))

Talk soon.
j. xo

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