Monday, February 11, 2013


I've got a bunch of fun Valentine's Day projects up on the Bella Blog today so I want to share a little tutorial with you so you can get some made in time for the 
big day on Thursday !!!

If you have never made your own paper fortune cookies before, today is the day ..... super cute, super fun and EASY :))

They are perfect for ANY occassion ..... Valentine's Day of course, birthdays, Easter, Halloween, wedding favors and more and seriously too freakin' cute !!!

Start with circles cut from your fave patterned paper ..... I used 2 different sizes (3 and 4") ..... FYI: the larger your circle the easier to fold ....

Create your own 'fortunes' to put inside your cookies. I did a few love notes as well as a couple 'coupons' such as "Good for one Starbucks on me" and "Can I take you out for a milkshake ?" .....

Fold in half one direction and make a small PINCH in the paper, then open to fold the OTHER way.  Line the top of your circle with a small amount of quick dry glue as shown. Lay a fortune in the center .....

Fold in half so the glue can dry.  Notice that I did not glue too far down each side.  If you have too much glue your cookie will not fold correctly 
(you'll learn this on your first one - i did ;)))

I held it together with mini clothespins so I could move onto making another one while it dried :))

Once it was dry you can put pressure in the bottom center where your ORIGINAL PINCH was .... this allows you to push the bottom up and fold the sides down gently towards you to create your cookie shape !!!

TaDa :))  I added a glue dot to the inside where the cookie meets to hold it together.  If it's a bit stubborn or your paper is quite heavy weight, add a bit of quick dry glue and wrap an elastic around it to dry for a few minutes !!!

..... and then EMBELLISH like I did using your fave Bella Blvd. :))

LOVE the new Freestyle Sophisticates ...... you'll be able to get yours HERE very soon !!!

I've got Valentine's inspiration for you all week long so come on back ......


Tell me the BEST VALENTINE'S GIFT you've ever received and I'll choose a random winner to get an AMAZING PRIZE pack full of paper and embellishments :)))

Comment on any of my (4) Valentine's Day posts to enter ..... (Monday - Thursday Feb. 11th - 14th) Contest closes at Midnight Thursday Feb. 14th and winner will be posted on Saturday Feb. 16th ....


TFL ..... Talk soon.
j. xo


  1. So cute . . . .I think I need to make these for the girles :)

  2. Those are adorable! Best Valentine gift would have to be coming home from work to clean house and dinner made for me!

  3. Super cute! I bet my girls would have a blast making these! That would be a great Family Day activity!

    Best Valentine's gift???? Nothing really jumps out at me. But I love to get chocolates :)

  4. These are adorable! Best Valentine's Gift...hmmmm, nothing materialistic but, just having dinner with my family, homemade cards and lots of hugs & kisses!

  5. Super cute...I love fortune cookies! So great for many different holidays with so many styles of paper. Will definitely be making some of these soon.

    The best Valentine's Day gift I've ever received was when I was in a huge walk-in fridge and one of my old bosses allowed this guy I really liked to sneak in and surprise me.

    I was totally shocked when I turned around and saw him standing there, he had a bag of Hershey's Kisses and asked me out.

    1. OMG - Melinda that is a CUTEST story - LOVE it :))))

    2. heehee it still makes me smile when I think about it :)

  6. What a wonderful idea! So many occasions one can use these for and so many different surprises a person can put in them! Also: Thanks for the chance to win a prize!!!

  7. Love the paper fortune cookies! .. My best Valentine's gift was getting a dozen red roses from a mystery admirer! I was sooo sure there'd been an error, I contacted the florist who said no there was no mistake, a young man (huh??? I was 50 at the time) came in and ordered them. She said to just enjoy them! I was still mystified, until my son and his girlfriend came over a week later and she said *I got a dozen roses JUST LIKE THOSE!* .. the penny dropped.. my sweet son had sent them!

    1. SERIOUSLY soooo sweet ..... his Mama must've raised him right ;))

  8. Best Valentine present I ever got was a bouquet of balloons from my wonderful husband.

  9. Best vday present I received was a homemade dinner from my hubby! : )

  10. Super cute! It's amaizing! So beatifull! Many thanks!!!