Monday, November 07, 2011

GREAT weekend....

Happy Monday everyone....
So sorry for the delay but I had the most fun this past weekend and had NO TIME to post until now !!

I spent a great weekend in Coquitlam and Maple Ridge and was THRILLED to meet all the crafty girls at Cherish the Thought.

I am super thankful to Jessie for inviting me over.....the store is adorable and she is one talented lady. Make sure you stop in and say hello the next time your out her way. She's got some fantastic product for all your projects and LOTS of samples to help get you inspired !!!

(35) excited scrapbookers hung out with me this weekend and they made it through their (20) Layout Workshop.....CONGRATULATIONS ladies. I'm super proud of you....thanks for spending your day with me !!

They didn't look up often 'cause we were on a schedule :)

These ladies even packed the EXACT same paper for the EXACT same kit and they had no idea....funny !!

At least once every time I teach this workshop one person packs the same product that I used for the same kit (and they don't see the samples before). This kit Shonia and I both used NEW Fresh Goods from Pebbles by American Crafts - FUN !!!

THANK YOU to the ladies we did manage to get in a picture before the end of the night (sorry I missed almost half the class here).....You look fabulous....and so do your layouts :))

........and YES, I DID get absolutely everything that I wanted from IKEA into my l'il ol jeep. Boy was Scott surprised when I drove up with a new bed for Emma !! ....and he thought if I didn't take his truck that I wouldn't be able to shop......I showed him :)))

Well....the bags are unpacked, the new bed is made, the kids and puppies are sleeping so I am heading to my desk to make something FUN !!

...........and yes miss judy from Cherish, I will absolutely make something cute out of the green box and post it ASAP :)

j. xo


  1. Way to USE your space wisely . . . .miss my Jeep! Post pics - would love to see the NEW Bed!!!! xo

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