Friday, March 22, 2013


Happy Friday ... and a GIVE-AWAY !!!  What a great way to start the weekend .....

You have until SUNDAY NIGHT 10:00pm PST to get your name into this great draw ..... Just tell me WHY you scrapbook.  Is it for your family, for you just a great hobby ??!!  Whatever the reason I'd really love to know ...... Comment on this post and .....

..... you could win this .....

It's that easy :)))

....... A winner will be drawn and POSTED HERE on Monday !!!  Good luck and I can't wait to read all about why you love paper and glue as much as i do :)))

 ..... and come on back tomorrow for a super cute shower card featuring Bella Blvd.

TFL ..... Talk soon.
j. xo


  1. I scrapbook for two reasons - 1) To relax and enjoy time with my friends 2) To record memories and family history. It's so important for future generations to know where they came from :) Charlene Ogden

  2. Hmmm....why do I scrapbook?? Well, I would ask "Why doesn't everyone scrapbook?" It is an incredible hobby and I love that it is something I share with friends and many members of my family. But, I have to say that the biggest reason I do it is for my daughter. She is 6 now and she already loves looking at the books and remembering all of the things she did when she was little. For this reason too, I am a big believer in journaling.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! :)

  3. To try and tap into my creative side... I am often very concrete, sequential, logical and I need to use the other side of my brain more often.... AND because the stuff is just so darn pretty!!
    ~Kerri Christie

  4. I paper scrap because I enjoy crafts and was ready to start recording my family photo's in a creative and exciting format that my family can enjoy for generations after I am gone. Now i'm making cards too so it's really blossomed for me!

  5. Well scrapbooking brought a friendship into my life that will be a life long one. I had never even heard about the craft until Char started working with me...and I'm so glad she made me be her friend! Scrapbooking has brought a release from the everyday hussle to relax, share stories, share photos and have the odd rumba! I love how it brings out my creative side and brings people and friends together in small groups and large groups! I also love how my family (expecially my hubby) and friends can look through my albums for hours remembering times together! Now with a little one, I hope to look through my bookcase of albums with him and remember times when his dad and I starting dating to the day he was born and his growing into a little man! Scrapbooking brings more to me then "being crafty", it brings my family together to hang out and talk and remember. Life goes so quickly, we should all pull out a album and remember, laugh, cry and talk to the people that are the main images in our art work! Lyndie

  6. I scrap because it relaxes me. Before I started, I didn't think I was artistic at ALL! But I've come to learn that we are all artists with our own style. And who wouldn't LOVE all the pretty things we get to play with!! :-)

  7. It is definitley a way for me to express myself creativly. And who wouldn't love the added joy of beautiful product and long lasting memories.

  8. My photo collection is one of my most precious possessions. Scrapbooking is a way to loving and creatively record memories and stories the pictures tell using my passion for collecting rubber/acrylic stamps!

  9. I scrapbook for a few reasons - it's such a stress relief! It also adds an incredible permanence to your memories... it captures life's moments in a very special way, preserved for future generations. And crops, retreats and classes are a blast:)

  10. oh the reason I scrapbook... umm mainly its such a great way to keep memories alive.. I love to tell what i think of when i see each picture. I love to show the emotion of each picture and scene. I started scrapping when my kids were younger and I have never turned back.. so relaxing. my aunt was the one who introduced me to scrapping and now we scrap together as a get away to our own girl time.. :)

    1. i made the above comment sorry.. :)