Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Oh dear .... Birthday Post !!!

Holy smokes - it is definitely summer here and that is evident for my lack of regular blogging !!!

I have been so busy having fun with the kids every day that I am exhausted at the end of the day and haven't even opened my computer :))

I've wanted to share some birthday party pics and projects with you since Alexander's 8th birthday party a few weeks back, so here we go ......


For the invitiations I always like to set the theme of the party early so I cut this great file from Silhoutte. The beaker with liquid was a little tedious but I love how it turned out.  I punched little circles to create the bubbles pouring over .... I used a 4 x 12" piece of cardstock and folded the bottom 4" up on the back side of the card to create a pocket for the party info !!! Everyone loved them, especially Alex.....

We always have a few gifts in the morning and then some for the birthday dinner too .... baseball was a huge thing for Alex this year and he was so happy with his new Blue Jays hat, batting gloves, new cleats and a set of bases too - he was THRILLED !!

I love how that even though he is this rough and tumble little boy he is super sensitive and LOVES reading his birthday cards.  He ALWAYS reads the card first before opening his gifts ... love this about him ....

We held the party the day after his actual birthday and had this amazing company called Mad Science come and do experiments with the kids for the afternoon.  They LOVED it ..... Alex was so excited to get to be the scientists helper and I even got him his own little lab coat !!

They did all kinds of fun things including creating enough electricity to light this light bulb through 2 pie plates ......

...... AND they even launched a rocket !!! VERY cool ......

The cake was AMAZING thanks to my friend Janet of Cloud 9 Cake Design ..... I sent her some pics and she mixed them together to create this - Alex and his friends LOVEd it !!!

All in all it was a FANTASTIC 8th birthday for this little boy and he's already counting the days until he turns 9 ;)))

TFL ..... Talk soon.
j. xo

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  1. Wow, this looks like it was a huge success and such fun!! He will remember this forever!