Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bella Blvd. Subway Art

I've been meaning to share this project with you for a little while now ..... It was featured on the Bella Blvd. Blog last month and was so fun to create .....

I've always been drawn to the look of subway art but haven't jumped into creating my own until now.  We recently moved to a new town and my son just started attending a private school.  Yes, uniforms and the whole bit – he LOVES it.  His teacher is fantastic and we've spent time at all the 'start of school' assembly's.  What I've observed in these first days is just how much the students, staff and families come together to create a community that loves this school.

I wanted to give Alex's teacher a gift and after seeing how she interacts with the children, I thought this would be a great addition to her classroom.

I started with a simple white frame and used the larger white background that came with it as my base.  I cut a piece of the Freestyle Sophisticates to 8 1/2 x 11", sanded the edges and adhered it centered on my base.

I began with chip alphas in the center using the school's abreviated name, QMS.  I wanted to show that it starts with the school and then all the other words and sentiments are built from there.  I used words that they teach every day such as inspire, educate, learn, service, support, participate and community. I especially love that there was a tab to add to the top that says 'Dream Big' ….. every child needs to hear this over and over !!

The new Bella collections had perfect pieces to mix in with the High Five alphas as stickers that say things such as 'good friends always know what to say' and 'this day is totally awesome' were a wonderful addition to this project.

I love how it all came together ..... and am thinking I need to create one for each of my kids.  How cute would that be for their rooms ?!?  So fun ....

TFL ..... Talk soon.

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