Friday, November 04, 2011

check this out....

Lots going in my little world today.....I've been trying to get this posted ALL DAY but I've been having so much fun travelling over to HERE that this is the first chance I've gotten !!

So I got up early, said good-bye to Scott & the kids (and puppies) and headed for the boat. Talked with Stephanie, read THIS (my new favorite magazine) and listened to happy.

After I got set up at Cherish The Thought I went around the corner to IKEA. Next to a scrapbook store, this place may possibly be my favorite building to spend hours and hours in......AND I didn't have Scott with me !!!

Funny story.......I said to him yesterday, maybe I should take your truck and go to Ikea, he laughed and I brought my Jeep. Then I am in the store today and I texted him and said
"yep, should've brought your truck" :):)
I think I'll be able to make it all fit.....
including a new bed for Emma !!!

After dinner @ The Cactus Club I headed over to spend the evening with my friend
@ Photo Express in Maple Ridge.
Now we're headed out for a drink before bed......

Sorry there were no photos for you today......tomorrow night for sure. So check back and see what the girls are going to be working on :))

So excited to meet the ladies tomorrow and teach all day long !!!

Before you go to bed tonight you MUST GO HERE and read Stephanie's post about US......

Have a wonderful soon.

j. xo

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