Friday, November 11, 2011

.....power please

Today has been a CRAZY day......I had BIG BIG plans to clean my house today. Yep, might sound silly to plan a day to clean the house but life has kept me from vacuuming lately today was the day.

No more had Emma started the vacuum when the power went out. I literally had just finished putting soup in bowls for lunch and it was out. Normally it wouldn't have bothered me much but today
....and trust me, that does not happen often :))

So, we read books, watched a movie on Em's computer until the battery died, went out for a loooong dinner and came home to light as many candles as we could find
(which is a lot 'cause I like smelly candles)

Poor Emma.....She had invited Mackenzie for a sleepover and now we're bundling up to stay warm. I offered to take Kenzie home, but what a girl...she thought it was a fun adventure !!

So I gave everyone flashlights and when I went to Em's room to check on them I found this......

They were huddled on the floor in her room playing Operation by flashlight.
I absolutely LOVE how kids find the fun in EVERYTHING.....

So it's been a little over 8 hours now....and they say (1) more to go. We'll see.....

My laptops' battery had enough time to post this with about 3 minutes left. I'm going to read by candle light and hope that the power comes back
before the groceries go into the green bin !!!

Wish us luck......

j. xo

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