Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Another Bella project .....

Whooo Hoo OCTOBER !! Closer to Christmas ;))  

I am FINALLY starting to settle into our new/old house a little more every day and part of that has kept me away from this computer a bit lately so i am SORRY that i have not been sharing like I usually do .... BUT, i promise that is changing TODAY !!!

I have LOTS and LOTS of projects and layouts and cards that I want to share with you and am starting with a project that I created for Bella Blvd. in August and haven't gotten on here (oooops)

I'm always looking for different ways to use everyday items so when I saw this wooden serving tray at our local market I knew I could have some fun with it !!

I started by painting it with black chalkboard paint.  It took a few coats but was dry and ready to work on in about 4 hours.  

NOTE: it takes about 3 days for chalkboard paint to fully set before you can write on it with chalk :))

I started by adding the white hooks to the bottom.  This tray was made from bamboo and was quite soft so instead of screwing the hooks through, I simply adhered them with my hot glue gun.  Because I was only adding jewellery to the hooks, the glue would hold just fine.

I covered some mini clothes pins with designer tapes and wrapped a few coordinating colors around the handles too.

I then chose a few patterned papers, cut them into squares and ran them through my laminating machine.  I trimmed off the excess and then punched tiny holes in each for the earrings (love these) ….. Because the earrings are so light the clothespins hold them up no problem. I added a bit of embellishment to a couple of the clothespins and a few cute cuts just because :))

I am a huge fan of the High Five Alphabet stickers, especially the tiny typewriter ones, so I labeled a few of the hooks to give Emma an idea of what to hang where.

Of course I had to make good use of the chalkboard paint so I added a couple of fun messages to her and then surprised her with a few new pieces of jewellery for her board – she absolutely LOVES it !!!

I have a great David Tutera Celebrate by Core'dinations project for you tomorrow so make sure to come on back - honestly I promise ;))

TFL ..... Talk soon.


  1. I just LOVE this, Jennifer!!! Showed it to my Jessica and she wants me to make her one now :-) You are so inventive and talented!!!

  2. totally love it Jennifer...I think I might do similar but with the cork board I started decorating for my daughter.